Buffalo horn pick

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Black Horn
We recommend Stub Tones for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars & Gypsy Jazz Guitar.
Buffalo Horn has the closest tone to the fabled Tortoise shell picks as it is made from the same Keratin material and as such warm and rounded.
Stub Tones are based upon our Funk Tones Plectrums. They have an indent detail for the thumb, which gives an accurate position to return to having moved the thumb for a pinched harmonic. They also have a scooped detail on the underside, which comfortably accommodates the first finger and helps to stop rotation. However they have a very rounded playing tip, designed to look and feel like a plectrum that has been played for some time. Due to this large playing tip Stub Tones enjoy a very rounded warm tone compared to their pointed brothers. Stub Tones are hand sculpted to be very smooth, rounded and comfortable.

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