Martin Real Bone Bridge Pins MOP Abalone Inlays For Series D18 Martin Guitar & Many Other Guitars

Original price was: €2.00.Current price is: €1.00.

Lot of brand new 6 Acoustic guitar bone bridge pins with mother of pearl dots/black circles to upgrade the tonal quality of your guitars. Ideal for Martin & many other branded guitars.
Acoustic guitar bone bridge pins (real water buffalo bone) with mother of pearl shell dots 3.0 mm diameter. 5 degree tapered shaft diameter. Can be used for Martin Guitar since 1994, Gibson Guitars, and many other brands.
Please not that these pins may be a little larger for some guitars, it does not mean that they will not fit. We recommend you use a 320 grit sand paper (very fine) wrap around the shaft of the pin and sand just a bit at a time. Sanding pins is is fine for a few thousands and will allow you to fit the pins. There is not a lot you are going to hurt doing this way.

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